Having passed the 20 years of experience mark, I feel like having left a whole world behind, with the next one awaiting me right now.

It is a place that is somewhere in-between and from this place I can see everything from both sides and it is a beautiful sight, with so many changes, new and old, time and everything else in the world worthy to be written about. The world can be such a beautiful place, it just depends on how you see it, just like how happiness and contentment is a choice, the beauty of this world can be, too.

I think that blogging is a great chance to share your thoughts and feelings through words. Words have such a beautiful importance, to help, to change and to inspire and I hope that I can help and change and inspire people, for them to do just the same. And through all of this, I would like to share with everyone my thoughts and my feelings, because for me, there is nothing more beautiful and lovelier, more artful than expression that can be shared with other people.

Time may be the constant in this world, but it is the people that connect them into a map.





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