I Love the Butterfly – Lessons on Growing up and Who I Am

When you are young, you have to figure out basic things, such as your favourite colour, food and animal amongst others. Unlike my school mates, mine was the butterfly. The answer was not that popular.

I remember that during second or third grade there was this friendship book trend, where you have to write in someone’s book everything about yourself. Name, parents, eye colour, what you would like to become whatever and of course favourite colour, hobbies and animal. Normal stuffs, although it is quite questionable how normal it is to ask your friends to write down their personal information down into a book, but that is beside the point.

Out of courtesy, I had to write my answer as well when it was my turn and I had to say what my favourite animal is, which was the butterfly because I thought it was pretty and I thought they would mock me for that, which they did or at least they teased me. So, I never wrote butterfly as my answer. Read more