Sometimes, I fear that people believe me to be vain, perhaps even superficial. But that is the first impression that will be answered with a yes or no and I truly fear that most of the time, in my case people will answer with yes.

But I cannot blame them, for the truth, I do care about my appearance, perhaps too much, but who am I to judge when no one else can agree on anything. My love for beauty shows through my clothing and that’s okay with me, because I adore expression, just like I adore any kind of expression, for beauty is fashion, because fashion is art and art is all about expression, even when sometimes it is not very fashion.

But there are still people, who judge and condemn. They love to put you in a drawer.

They say that beauty is not real.

I have thought long and hard about it.

I cannot argue with that exactly.

Indeed, beauty is not real. 

Beauty is an illusion.

Beauty is what you make out of it.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

I love and adore beauty. Sometimes, I feel as thought it can be my life goal, seeing how much it drives me.

This search for beauty seems almost infinite.

But that is quite alright, because even given the chance, I would never change it for the life of me.

I love to see and find beautiful things. It is important to me. For me that is what life is about, to find beautiful things.

It sounds silly, perhaps even vain, but it’s the truth.

I love that feeling, and I love feeling amazed and astonished, totally overwhelmed by the beauty, whatever kind of beauty I just found. That childish wonder that giggled up in me, when I stare and wonder. The excitement and anticipation that follows and moves me, to find yet another beautiful possibility.

I would never want to lose that.

I want to see sunsets in beautiful colors. I want to see the beautiful magnitude of nature when it rains outside. I want to look back and see beautiful things. I want to see the simple wonder of people, see beautiful smiles and seeing how it changes people’s whole appearance, and make it so beautiful.

Because that is what life is about for me.

And there are so many beautiful things, just waiting to be found, to be seen and cherished.

There are endless possibilities.

Indeed, in this ephemeral, perhaps even meaningless life, the possibility of beauty seems endless.

That’s the way it is and it is wonderful.

Because I want to live.

Because life is beautiful. 


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