Does that situation sound familiar? Sitting in a place of waiting, for your bus, train, someone, wasting time because whatever it is you are waiting for is just a matter of time.

Suddenly, there comes this person, whoever it may be, attractive, seemingly interesting or just someone, who seems to be nice. That someone can someone to talk to, because wasting time can be so much more fun when you do it together.

The question is, will you?

Well, from my experiences most people… do not.

That person sitting in front of you, even right or left, it does not matter, the fact that he or she could turn out to be a real good friend, a pal, and sometimes, it might even be that special one. But well, you will never know, because you are too scarred to try.

Is it the promise of something great that scares you? Nah probably not. After all, who is afraid to be great?

It is the risk we fear.

Because the only thing that is stronger than the promise of winning, is the risk of losing.

This is something that I have remarked today, five hours of train and different people in and from different places. They are all doing their own things, whether tipping on their laptops – with me making the perfect example -, doing their study works, working, reading, listening to music, there are so many varieties in the activity you can do on a train, it is actually remarkable when you think about it – and here people complain how boring it is. It just depends on how you intend to use it, like everything else in life.

But the one thing I have noticed, no one here is talking.

At least not personally, in a way that would exclude the new technologies of communication.

I can understand the people, who are shy or just… not too keen on striking conversation with some stranger and if they dislike that, that is fine by me, since it is their choice when they prefer to remain isolated.

However, I would like to encourage people to start talking, especially when they want to but rather instead lack of the courage to follow that instinct.

There is nothing more to share some words with a few stranger.

It may sound silly, but for me, for example, I get that feeling of connecting with someone, like two people, stranded in some place and well… connecting. Because for me – and maybe it is foolish of me – it is like two strings of fate meeting each other. You get to know something about that person, maybe you do not, you talk or just exchange of words of pleasantry or even about the weather. It can be anything trivial. It is not actually much about what you are talking, but the fact that you do.

Because no matter what happens, in that second there are two people interacting with each other and nothing will or can change that, because, like now, one second has passed down into the past, which is irreversible.

I have said topic does not really matter but it is even better when it is a real topic, it further increases that feeling of connection. The feeling that something pretty amazing has happened, so unlike the typical boring every day life. At least that is how I feel about this.

It is the whole aspect of fate meeting that you cannot help but will feel when it happens.

Secondly, it is less lonely, like I have said. It is pretty great to talk to someone instead of just standing or sitting around and wait until time passes. It is also more effective, this way it would not seem that long either and before you know it, time has already come and gone.

Furthermore, it may take me a lot of courage and I gotta admit, I actually spend time thinking about what I can say, but when it turns around into striking a conversation, I feel relieved, of course, but also very happy that I have grabbed the chance, whoever that person may be or is or was, to not let it get away.

I also feel proud.

Because I was able to get the nerves together and do something that is, unusual? Definitely something that not everyone dares to and further– and I don’t know whether I am too assumptious now – I hope or believe that the other is just as glad as me, feeling the same way that I do.

Because in the end, it is all about the courage to meet the unknown. 


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