So I have been planning this surprise visit for a very special someone, whom I have not seen for a long time, at least far longer than I would have liked. I miss that person and I know that the feelings are mutual, so, when I was asked when I would come back, I did not reveal that I had already booked my tickets and am already just counting down the day until we can see each other again. I wanted to keep this a secret, because I wanted it to be a surprise.

So these last few days I have been wrecking my head over what kind of surprise, a master-plan unfolding in my hand. I have even gotten my own two little helpers a.k.a roomies, who I dragged let in on this whole thing. I have run almost every kind of scenario through my head, which one may be the most realistic/ realizable one, the sweetest kind of surprise, the one with the biggest wow-effect over to the silliest one that came up when I was too tired to remain sane, which is – as I might add –  a great feat considering I am through and through packed with learning for my studies.

Everyone around me is – as I assume – deadly-tired aware of my plans. So then, there came that one question.

“Why are you doing this? “

I have been asked whether this may not been too much, for just a few months apart. I have even heard from others commenting on how corny it is, so dramatic what I have planned, just for a reunion. If I was already planning such a big surprise plan thingy for a few months then what would I do if I spent a year away from that person?

But the thing is, it does not actually matter.

Maybe that is what some people do not understand.

It does not matter how long you have been apart.

The only thing that matters is how much that person means to you.

I am just doing all this, the whole planning, caring so much to make such a deal out of it, because … well I care.

I have so much fun planning all this and that, too, can be something that people fail to understand or realize. That one special day is a day I am looking forward to so much and so, I am not only doing this for someone else, but for myself as well. I want it to be something special, something grand, not humble or simple. It would be of an option, but I never took it into consideration. I want it to be big, since this time, it is not for me, but for someone, who is special to me and I want to show this.

For one, to show how much I care.

Secondly, because I know how the other person will appreciate it.

And lastly, connected to the previous point, because I love how much my caring will be appreciated.

It is not the distance that matters or time. In the end, they are irrelevant. The only things that count are how much you love that person you are doing this all for, as this would also give you joy, the joy of giving. I imagine that in the end – no matter what kind of surprise I choose – we will just be happy to see each other again, fall into each other’s arms and be happy to be in the other’s presence. For me, I can see a circle in this whole thing. Me, who cares for her/him – because if we speak in general terms, it doesn’t matter whether boy of girl, friend or boy-/girlfriend, just a person we love – and he/she, who cares for me and we both, who loves how the other cares and appreciate.

I don’t understand the people, who don’t understand why I am making such an effort, since there is no effort there for me. Just joy.


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