New Years Eve will be approaching soon, for both old and young ones, like me, there is one question that keeps bugging you – and you let yourself be bugged with – is the one question that has arisen, for some maybe, even months before it happens: Where will you spent your New Years Eve? How? With whom? Even when is a question of matter, as stupid as it sounds.

But it is fun, at least it can be, as it mostly is when it comes to preparation, because along with it comes the anticipation. People make such a big fuss about New Years Eve, with all the fireworks and celebrating, counting down the numbers until it hits the time of the year. The end and the new beginning. It is a nice thought, a lovely notion, however, yet I never quite considered myself as someone, who was a big fan of this loud celebrating of firing chemical reactions up into the sky – in my mind, it is too over the top and just too much of everything, for myself, who appreciated the quite times as these to reflect.

Yet, and I guess especially this year, I am anticipating it even more than before. Why?

It goes back to the one question.

What goes on on New Years Eve? The answer you give gives something definite, you make a choice. It is a statement that you give.

This year, I was given the impression that I can do anything, the world is at my feet, youth an ambrosia that renders you immortal and invincible of time, even when it is passing away too fast. The doors are open, it is the choice that is the hardest. So many possibilities, explore the world, do something creative or something worthwhile, something to be proud of, something to brag about or just… doing something. To live your life, or your dream, just laugh or party into the night, screaming at the top of a mountain or just diving in the cold water, even a trip to Denmark.
It made me reflect. I would have loved to spend my time there, to a different place, exotic and exciting and celebrating with different people from Europe, who share so many things. It sounded so brilliant and who would refuse at this wonderful idea? Is it not about the excitement of the 31st? Crazy wild partying? Funny for me, I never even took it into consideration.

I knew exactly how I was going to be spending this particular day of Old and New.

I was going to spend it with my best friend, surrounded by other friends of ours, loved ones and same old happiness. It is the same old faces, sometimes new ones but most of the times, it stays as it was. It was something that never changed. It is the same way that I have spent it last time and the time before and that time before, too, I guess.

Some people chose to spend it with their families, some might say they would like to go on a trip, some just try to get by, family, friends, boyfriends, people just to pass by, but in the end, those choices are their’s to make, depending on what is important to them. Surely, it would have been nice to do what I have heard of others tell me. It would be a lie to say that I would not wish to do the same as well, but in the end, I am happy with my choice and I would never trade it for anyone else.

I would rather spend the New Years Eve with someone who is dear to me rather than anywhere else. Me, who has begun studying more than six hours distance from the people, who used to give me the feeling of being loved, welcomed and just the feeling of home. For I may not spend my time doing things I could later on retell others who ask me where I have spent it, awe them by telling them of pretty colorful tales, I will not shoot lots of pictures of wondrous places I can always look at later and tell whoever might be interested, but I will have the chance to spend my New Years Eve doing the same as I have last year, just a little different and all the while knowing that this time will be kept in my heart and there to last, because I am spending it with someone I love.How my New Years Eve would look like - just more party and less food -

Because just one second of happiness is capable of turning a fleeting moment into a lasting memory and that is what makes it all the worthwhile.

Feel free to tell me how and with whom you celebrate that day with 🙂



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